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For years already, market demand for lighter and more aesthetic catering trolleys has only been marginally fulfilled. AeroCat will answer such demand at attractive conditions.

Furthermore, at AeroCat we believe strongly in fulfilling a social responsibility to protect the environment by offering a trolley that complies with the People-Planet-Profit philosophy. The AeroCat trolley can be re-cycled and re-used for future trolley demand.

By using innovative polymers, innovative manufacturing methods and attractive financial solutions, the AeroCat trolley will demonstrate an attractive utilization and a lower Total Cost of Ownership than any existing trolley in the market.

Promolding will design, develop, industrialise and transform your innovative idea into a successful product. We do not limit ourselves to existing methods but look at the boundaries of what is possible with polymers and how we can support your success.

Our business model often leads to new spin-offs, which conquer a new place in the market with a new product-market combination. Promolding has a key role in the realisation of the product.