Your operation: hospitality

Hospitality onboard your aircraft is foremost provided by your cabinstaff. They are working in a comfortable environment, where they can rely on well functioning accessories. The appearance of the aircraft interior is the Airlines’ first impression to the passengers, and first impressions can only be made once…

Expertise and skills

We have built up the expertise and skills required to rectify snags during limited downtime between . We even carry out partial or full refurbishments of your cabin. All work is EASA Part 145 approved ofcourse. We assist airlines to carry out the work required to smoothly re-deliver aircraft to the Lessor after the lease has expired.

AIS-International covers it all….

• Seats
• Lavatories
• Galleys
• Carpets
• Side wall panels
• Ceiling panels
• Cargo areas
• Cockpit area

Always in the best shape

AIS-Internationals Teams are available to assist you where everyou need support to keep your aircraft interiors in top shape. Our teams are on call to give support at your location, whenever required… We also offer Service Contract Arrangements. In this case, the level of our involvement in maintaining your interioris described. It may even include to take all logistic work involved out of your hands… This will result in increased efficiencies, reduced downtime, and increased availability of your fleet. Special care and attention to interior details: We at AIS-International are specialised in this. This is why we are a good choice to become your interior maintenance provider.

Your aircraft deserves our special care and attention

The attention to detail is important to your customer, the passenger. We order carpets, and size them to exactly fit in your aircraft. In somecases, only the isle carpets are replaced.


We carry out small projects, such as fitting new seat covers on all seats, but we are also availableto carry out larger projects, up to refurbishing the complete interior.